A Successful Hunter-Gatherer

I recently watched the documentary “Hadza: Last of the First” which explores one of the few remaining hunter-gatherer tribes. After watching it, I wondered what makes someone “successful” in that environment. Humanity has spent most of its existence like that, so maybe we can draw valuable insights from this.

A successful male in this environment is a combination of being a good:

  • Hunter (provides for the community)
  • Mentor (passes skills to younger generations)
  • Mate (forms a long-term bond, raises a family)
  • Leader (involves in community politics)

To replicate that in modern society, you can:

  • Excel in a career and provide to your community1.
  • Mentor the younger generation.
  • Raise a family.
  • Be a leader in your community.

This is likely good advice for having a meaningful life.

  1. Probably the 25-50 people that are most important to you. ↩︎